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DJ Basic

>> Pathfinder Recordings

DJ Basic is part of the very successful "Pathfinder" project and one of the first original guys spinning & spreading Drum & Bass in and around Germany's Rheinarea.
Basic started DJing in 1994 and has been playing in nearly every bigger cities in Germany. Anyway, most of the Pathfinder gigs take part in Cologne. They invited almost every famous D&B DJ, from High Contrast to D-Bridge, John B, DJ Lee and Concord Dawn... Just to name a few! You just visit a Pathfinder event and find out what this adequate hype is all about. Come over and enjoy.

DJ Basic played with London Electricity, Kosheen, Martix, Pendulum, Keaton, X-Plorer, Panacea, Phace, Break, Noisia, Teebee, Baron, Baily, Black Sun Empire, Dom & Roland, Bad Company, Shimon and many others like that!


Drum & Bass! Right time, right bullet.
Sometimes hard, sometimes smooth, but always groovin' and rollin'!
Resident: With Pathfinder in different locations like Stadtgarten (Cologne)
Gebäude 9 (Cologne)
3 Raum Wohnung (Bonn)


Sensor (Cologne), U-Club (Wuppertal), Turbine (Stuttgart), Hafenklang (Hamburg), Filmhaus (Cologne), Pantheon (Bonn), Zerma (Dresden), Suppkultur (Koblenz), Black&White (Aachen), Kunstpark Ost (München), Stockwerk (Karlsruhe), ...

Festivals: Nature One, Rheinkultur


Hi Spin | Berlin

>> actual dates

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Hi Spin spins tunes and displays skills inside clubs, at festivals and parties. He's been organizing the legendary club "Tanzpalast" inside the "Schauspielhaus" in Bochum, Germany, since 2002. Party no. 100 will hit the dancefloor pretty soon!

When it comes to collaborations, he's eclectic as well. He has played with Adam F, Beanfield, Cobra Killer, DJ Food, Drummatic Twins, DJ Phono, Fingathing, Jake Fairley aka Fairmont, Leeroy Thornhill, Le Hammond Inferno, M.A.N.D.Y., Mouse on Mars, Moonbootica, Malente, Nothern Lite, Strike Boys, T-Raumschmiere, Tobias Becker, Tocadisco, Tube & Berger, Wighnomy Brothers - just to name a few...


In his pushing sets he merges different sounds from electro, techno, house to breakbeat pretty effortlessly into an ultimate freestyle-dance floor of pumping beats and enormous basses.
[check out his live-radioshow "elektrogill" @!]


Brinkmann Bochum
Eve Bar Bochum
Hotel Shanghai Essen
Le Grand Dortmund
Raum&Zeit Bochum
Lumen Bochum
Schauspielhaus Bochum - since 1996!
Studio 108 Bochum
Zeche Carl Essen


360 Grad (Bochum), Apartment 45 (Bochum), Batofar (Paris), Bakuda Klub (Dortmund), Bootshaus (Cologne), Beach Club (Zamdvoort), Capri Bar (Essen), Centrum (Erfurt), Chism (Duisburg), Coppelia (Madrid), Cult (Arnsberg), Grillo Theater (Essen), Historischer Postbahnhof (Berlin), Hotel Shanghai (Essen), Intershop (Bochum), Keller (Dortmund), 18 Karat (Bochum), KleinLaut&Brown (Frankfurt a. M), Le Grand (Dortmund), Lumen (Bochum), Luna Bar (Münster), Lighthouse 21 (Essen), Mandalai (Essen), Matrix (Bochum), Mädcheninternat (Berlin), Planet (Bochum), Plan B (Wiesbaden), Ringlokschuppen (Mülheim), Stargate (Bochum), Sala Colors (Salamanca), Strandbad Weissensee (Berlin), Soap Club (Hannover), Suite023 (Dortmund), Sky Club (Berlin), Tanzcafe Hösl (Dortmund), Unperfekthaus (Essen), Zeche (Bochum), Zwischenfall (Bochum), ...

Festivals: Bochum Total, Internationales Videofestival Bochum, Juicy Beats Festival (Westfalenpark Dortmund), Labo1 (Fresnoy/Touluse), Loveparade Essen, Ringfest Köln, Ruhr in Love (Olga Park Oberhausen), ...

Partys: Amnesty International Auktionen, Against Child Abuse Benefiz Berlin, CusCus/WWF, Boatlounge Rhein/Herne Kanal, Designmarkt Postbahnhof/Am Ostbahnhof Berlin, Designmarkt Düsseldorf, Design Attack GDS/GLS Messe Düsseldorf, Format Liebe, Loveparade Essen, Loonyland Köln, Mike Litt`s Sonntagserlebnis Bochum, Rosenmontags Benefiz Rave No.03 Bochum, Tanzpalast Schauspielhaus Bochum, tunes! Universität Bochum, ...

Own party-series:
DJ Playground, Raum&Zeit Bochum
BL!NK BL!NK, Zeche Carl Essen
Kopfhörer, Lumen Bochum
Nervous Breakdown, Zwischenfall Bochum
Tanzpalast, Schauspielhaus Bochum

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Max Mars | Essen

>> actual dates

[printable pictures soon!]

One of the true originators from the Ruhrerea in Germany. During the 90s, he was a resident at the legendary "Rote Liebe" Club in Essen. Up to now he has done over 600 DJ-Sets worldwide! And he won't stop - for sure...

Max Mars played with A Guy Called Gerald, Andrea Parker, Bentley Rhythem Ace, Computer Jockeys, Darkosan, Dimo, Drum and Rhythm Night, ED 2000, Groove Amarda, Minus 8, Mittelstands Kinder ohne Strom, Pan Tarai, P. Pulsinger, SIE Pussyfoot London, Tosh, Uwe Walkner, Wicked... Once again, just to drop a few names.


Minimal Techno
[download mix soon!]


Baikonur (Essen)
Club Raum (Bochum)
Flamingo (Essen)
Lumen (Bochum)
Rote Liebe (Essen)
Schloß Baldeney (Essen)


Meierei (Wien), Maxim (Wien), UG (Zürich), Hafenklang (Hamburg), Molotow (Hamburg), Arkadia (Köln), Stadtgarten (Köln), Gebäude 9 (Köln), Maria am Ostbahnhof (Berlin), Tempodrom (Berlin), Unique (Düsseldorf), U-Club (Wuppertal), Le Fonque (Stuttgart), Duala (Ravensburg), KOMM (Nürnberg), Kunstpark Ost (München), Groovealistics (Koblenz), Trinidat (Dortmund), Tanzpalast (Bochum), ...

Festivals: Essen Im Sommer, Palm Project Electrify Your Sense, Snowzone '00 & '01 (France), ...


Stop The Junk! EP, PottHeadz
Disko America, Electyle Recordings
Disko America Remixes, Electyle Recordings
Daytona EP, Electyle Recordings
Supercity Vol. 01 & 02, Supercity



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